memory wire wrap bracelet - white snow quartz with red brecciated jasper and black onyx rounds and Czech firepolished glass faceted coins

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Brecciated jasper is one of my favorite stones. The mottling on the deep red stone, ranging from light tans to deep browns, comes from different rock fragments, or breccia, mixing into and eventually fusing with the jasper from pressure and heat. Takes a long time to make. Isn't it gorgeous? I mixed the jasper with with a white quartz known as snow, milky, or cloudy quartz. Its appearance comes from microscopic liquid and/or gas deposits becoming trapped in the quartz while forming through heat. Keeping with the theme, I added dyed black faceted onyx (another metamorphic rock) and Czech fire-polished faceted coins. This is one hot piece of jewelry--and cool enough to wear everyday. Plus, this bracelet is strung on stainless steel wire that retains its shape, so if you have large wrists like me or prefer to wear your bracelets higher on your arm, this bracelet will still wear comfortably. (The model's wrist is 3.6 in (9.1 cm) in diameter.) STATS: one size fits all INGREDIENTS: brecciated jasper, snow quartz, black onyx, and Czech fire-polished beads strung on stainless steel memory wire See the rest of my memory wire bracelets here: Comes inside cloth gift bag, ready to give as a present--or open as a present yourself. I do take returns. Please see my store policies for more info: Thanks for looking! --L.E. Carruba