memory wire wrap bracelet - kambaba or crocodile jasper gemstone with obsidian glass and amber Chinese crystal

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Kambaba "jasper" has a strange history. Is it a stromatolite sedimentary bit of fossilized algae? Is it an ancient power stone mined from Madagascar and/or South Africa? Is it a true jasper (a form of chalcedony, a silicate mineral)? Look up ten sites on the Internet and you'll get twelve different answers. Even the local rock club couldn't tell me anything for sure.

Well, what I *do* know is kambaba "jasper" is a pretty dark green and black mottled stone. I added obsidian (volcanic glass) beads to bring out the black spots and amber-colored Chinese crystal to make the green pop.

one size fits all

6.75 in (17.2 cm) inside measurement
8.5 in (22 cm) outside measurement

kambaba stone, obsidian glass, Chinese crystal, strung on stainless steel memory wire

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