memory wire wrap bracelet - blue lace agate and peach freshwater pearl beaded wrap - one size fits all - bridesmaid jewelry

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This is a sleek and simple bracelet made from blue lace agate and peach freshwater pearl. Blue lace agate is a translucent type of quartz and gets its blue coloring partly from the way light passes through the stone and spreads out across the tiny particles within the stone, a fascinating process known as Rayleigh scattering. Read more about it here: Plus, this bracelet is strung on stainless steel wire that retains its shape, so if you have large wrists like me or prefer to wear your bracelets higher on your arm, this bracelet will still wear comfortably. (The model's wrist is 3.6 in (9.1 cm) in diameter.) STATS: one size fits all INGREDIENTS: blue lace agate and freshwater pearl strung on stainless steel memory wire See the rest of my memory wire bracelets here: Comes inside cloth gift bag, ready to give as a present--or open as a present yourself. I do take returns. Please see my store policies for more info: Thanks for looking! --L.E. Carruba