memory wire wrap bracelet - blue cloisonne flowers with Chinese crystal and crackle glass beads - one size fits all

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Cloisonne beads are made from a technique where artisans bond metal wire in relief on hollow metal beads to create little shapes called cloisons (French for "partition") and add a special kind of enamel paste to fill in the cloisons, seal the resulting bead and fire it. The result is a smooth, glossy enameled metal bead with a touch of sparkle. I paired these blue and gold cloisonne flower beads with Chinese crystal in the same lilac and green shades of the flowers on the cloisonne.

I added some crackle glass beads as spacers. These too have a bit of backstory: crackle glass beads are taken from the firing kiln too early, causing the surface to crack from the quick change of temperature. Another layer of glass is added to the beads, which go back in the kiln to be fired until finished. Smooth on the outside, these beads look like tiny shards of shattered ice.

one size fits all

6.75 in (17.2 cm) inside measurement
8.375 in (21.3 cm) outside measurement

blue cloisonne, Chinese crystal, Czech crackle glass, strung on stainless steel gold-plated memory wire

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