About Us

Who We Are

Sera is a career librarian who started a side business making jewelry and accessories in 2013. Mirres is a career mechanical engineer who crowdfunded a successful tie-dye project in 2019. They combined their business interests to make Twofold Tie Dye.

What We Do

  • Tie-dyed clothing and accessories in every color of the rainbow
  • Stone and metal jewelry
  • Upcycled tie-dye clothing and jewelry
  • Pinback buttons and magnets
  • Recycled paper postcards
  • LGBTQ-themed items
  • everything gay, hippie, and Earth-friendly

What We Stand For

  • Quality materials for quality products. Our tie-dye process involves hand-mixed specialty dyes that won't fade over time. The metals in our jewelry are lead-, nickel-, and cadmium-free and reliably sourced. We don't believe in passing the shortcuts on to the customer.
  • 100% recycled paper, no exceptions! From stationery to accessories, we only use recycled paper.
  • Reusing and recycling to waste less water during the tie-dye creation process, to remove gently used packing and shipping materials from the waste stream, and to prevent more items from entering the used textile industry. We only get one Earth--let's protect it!
  • We support LGBTQ people and causes because we're not just a gay-friendly business, we're friendly gay businesspeople. We donate a percentage of our profits to LGBTQ causes--not just in June but year-round.
  • We don't believe in a "size tax." We don't believe you should be charged extra for your apparel whether you wear XXS or 5XL, or if you like big postcards and you cannot lie.

Where we are

Twofold Tie-Dye is based in Blacksburg, Virginia.