90% Backed at the halfway point!

Posted by Mirres on

So, we are halfway through the 30 day limit we are available to back. Wow. I'm so pleased to report that we are 90% backed! I feel confident that we will be fully backed before the end of the kickstarter.

In anticipation, I have started preparing some of the things I will need to complete and ship the rewards. First I have picked up some inexpensive white cotton scraps and a 'single step' dye kit that I can experiment with. The first set of experiments will be concerned with materials used to tie, moisture levels after soaking in soda ash, and when to soak in soda ash. The first experiment is the only one I can complete before the end of the kickstarter.

Google Surveys will be sent out the day after the Kickstarter closes. They will ask size of shirt(s), color(s), pattern, and accessories, as well as the address that items should be sent to. If there is a change of circumstances that will call for a different shipping address, please contact me right away. We have a pretty short time between kickstarter closing and first shipments going out.

So that's where I am on my end. Thank you all very much!